02 Jul 2022

Paid Parental Leave Increases


Paid leave for parents rises from 22 weeks to 26 weeks on July 1, after rising to from 18 to 22 weeks in 2018.  The payment of up to $585 a week applies to families or carers of babies which are born from tomorrow, or had a due date of July 1 or later.   The extension means New Zealand now has a more generous scheme than Australia, which offers 18 weeks, but less generous than other comparable countries like the United Kingdom, which has 39 weeks.

Parents will also be able to work more hours while on parental leave without it being considered a return to work. Known as "keeping in touch hours", parents can do occasional paid work with agreement from their employer. The maximum number of hours will lift from 52 hours to 64 hours.

If you need advice regarding Paid Parental Leave please call us on: 0800 383 737 our People & Culture Specialists are here to help.